Performance & Contest  2023

SCHEDULE (Alonzo Janes Performance Stage)

(9:30AM -Early arrival for pre-registered contestants)

10:00-11:00AM - CONTESTANTS






4:00PM - Contest Winners announced



Meet our Performers

The Canote Twins - Twin brothers Greg and Jere have spent most of their seventy plus years playing and singing together! Raised in California’s central valley and later the Bay Area, they remember tagging along with their parents to folk and square dances. They have played hundreds of dances over the years with caller and square dance icon Sandy Bradley and joined her for thirteen years as her affable sidekicks on NPR’s “Sandy Bradley’s Potluck”. They have taught and performed all over America at music festivals and instructional camps and have taught an ongoing stringband workshop in their hometown of Seattle for over forty years! Filmmaker Larry Edelman has just released a full length documentary film “The Canote Twins” and they continue to spread joy and musical fun wherever they go!

Hog-eyed Man is an Athens-based acoustic band comprised of fiddler Jason Cade and multi-instrumentalist Rob McMaken. Drawing primarily on the archaic tunes and pre-radio aesthetics of Southern Appalachian fiddling traditions, Jason and Rob have forged a compelling and authentic style of oldtime music, both reflecting deep respect for the past masters and carrying the musical conversation forward to the present era. Their rare live performances have garnered loyal friends and fans at venues and festivals throughout the United States, and they have released five albums charting their unique path in American traditional music, including Kicked Up a Devil of a Row (Tiki Parlour Recordings 2023) with special guests Maxine Gerber, Brendan Doyle, and David Bragger.

For over a decade Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains have blended their fiddle sounds into a unique voice in old-time music. Together, Spencer & Rains have performed nationally and internationally, singing traditional American folk songs and playing old time fiddle tunes. They are both steeped in traditional music, yet at the same time, often take traditions in very personal directions with their tight vocal harmony and distinct twin fiddling. Tricia and Howard integrate their folk art and folk music in new and exciting ways while always staying true to their roots.

Echo Mountain features Kyle McNally, Jonathan Shifflett, Peter Linden, Kelly Marie Martin and Ben Kramer. They have been at Watkins Family Hour, Grass Valley Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival and Parkfield. Their collective vision is a repertoire reflecting the full spectrum of the old-time tradition, tackling complex fiddle tunes, and rich harmony singing while remaining true to traditional style and form.