Contest Registration


  • Registration is available online (through October 11) or in person until 1:00 pm on October 13 for the Contest Stage.
  • Advanced competitors who wish to compete on the Performance Stage MUST pre-register online.
  • All contestants are encouraged to preregister.
  • The contest is limited to 60 competitors, maximum.
  • On the day of the Convention, please register at the Registration Table any time before 1:00pm.

Mel Durham Contest Stage

“When I started playing fiddle in the late 90s, there was an 88-year old fiddler playing around the Los Angeles area that mesmerized me with his stories, humor and, most of all, his fiddle tunes. Mel Durham was a fixture in the SoCal old-time music scene then and had been for many years before I came along. He played alongside countless musicians for decades as an upright bass player and an old-time fiddler. His tunes and technique helped shape my playing and my repertoire from day one. Many of the people attending the festival this year, and years past, were directly affected by his playing and music. As a fiddle instructor, I even teach a rhythmic bow pattern named after him. Mel has had an immeasurable impact on the community, my playing and my fiddle students. This is why I’ve decided to rename the competition stage to the Mel Durham Contest Stage in honor of a great man and an inspirational fiddler.

—David Bragger, Artistic Director