October 13 & 14, 2018

Welcome to a weekend of  Old-Time Music!

SATURDAY:  Free Concert
SUNDAY: Festival & Convention

Featuring Entertainment & Workshops By:

Brad Leftwich & Linda Higginbotham
Frank Fairfield & Tom Marion
Skillet Licorice
Eric & Suzy Thompson
Plaid Strangers
David Bragger & Susan Platz
Echo Mountain
Clinton Davis
Have More Fun Stringband
and more!!!

Participate in our old-time contest

If you are a beginning or intermediate player, you can register online or on the day of the festival.   Advanced competitors must pre-register online to be given a time slot on the Performance Stage on the Stow House Main Lawn.

Meet our Performers

Jam at the Festival

At the heart of any great old-time festival is the jamming! Fiddles, banjos, guitars, mandolins, washtub basses, and other stringed instruments are picked, plucked, strummed and banged on in jams that vary in size, from 2 to 25 people!

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